Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday: Thirteen Pounds

That's how much I've lost as of this week.

It seems like a teensy bit of weight for doing this for such a long time.  But what else would I be doing? I suppose this is my life now, for better or for worse.  Some changes this stubborn curmudgeon didn't anticipate:

For the first time in my life, for Lent I didn't give up anything-- I added something.  I promised myself that I would say "yes" to as many events as I could, call up and reconnect with old friends, and send notes and cards to folks I had let fade out of my life.  After the hullabaloo of running multiple organizations at once last year, I retreated from most large- scale social/political stuff.  Recently I realized that this retreat had chipped at a few friendships and made me seem aloof, and that isn't who I wanted to be.  So today I dropped a ton of Mother's Day cards in the box for loved ones.  It felt so good, selecting the perfect card for each one and writing a note.  Last year I didn't have time take time to do this.  I have made it a habit out of connection, and will continue though the 40 days are done.

I now believe deeply in the power of movement. On my run yesterday (and by run I always mean walk + jog) two runners literally left me in the dust.  I mean, they ran past me from a block away, and in a matter of minutes were a block ahead.  And they were pushing a kidlet in a running stroller!  An old me would have been too ashamed to keep going, but now I am beginning to believe in my own power and  in the challenge of locating myself.  I no longer feel as if I have to be first.  But I do have to feel.

I have resolved to eat green even when it is inconvenient, because I believe deeply in committing to making our world better.

I finish up the 4th week of Couch to 5k tomorrow morning in some new running shoes. I have always hated running, been too ashamed of my body to be so public about wanting to change it.

Good goodness...I own running shoes.

I have failed.  I have learned.
I have been more assertive in expressing my needs and shaking off the anxiety of "what if...?"
I have reclaimed the power of my own beauty.
I am proactive about my health, even though I am afraid.

I began this blog to talk about life, fashion and my new home.  It has morphed into a blog about weight loss, pleasure, health and metamorphosis. I am changed, changing.

I have far to go.  I am so excited about the journey!

Thanks for chugging along for the ride.

Weight loss, week 14: -1.2
Total loss: -13

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