Saturday, April 30, 2011

Quickie: Presto, Change-O

So, I'm now using Disqus for commenting, for better or for worse.  The good thing about that is that now I can reply to your comments individually instead of doing a monster post, or even e-mailing you directly.  The bad thing is that Disqus appears to have wiped out ALL of the comments in past posts.  Boo.  

It's a mishap of...minor proportions, though I WOULD have liked to have  saved your previous comments.  I mean, HELLO, Disqus! I

skirt- LOFT; belt-steve madden

Anyhoo, it's Penn Relay time here in Philly, otherwise known as The Most Black People You'll Ever See on an Ivy League Campus weekend.  If you don't know, the Penn Relays are the oldest track and field competition in the US, dating all the way back to 1895.  They also happen towards the end of the semester, when we grads are likely to be hyperventilating from all of our deadlines while undergrads get drunk and urinate publicly on fraternity row.  Runners from all over the world descend on campus, setting records...and celebrating afterward.

I have been stuck doing copious amounts of work after taking off earlier in the week, but Relay weekend  is for partying it up. Here's a casual outfit I wore yesterday as I was wrapping up a few tasks for the semester, and one that I will not be wearing to the club tonight, haha.

I love the top- I picked it up on sale at Anthro about a month ago.  I have a love affair with mixed media pieces, and I love, love, love the x- back detail.  Purdy! It's not very popular--I've still seen some around stores-- but I think it's a gem. 

jacket, top- anthro

And lest you think the relays are just for partying, envision the stack of data I have to transcribe in the meantime.  And feel very, very sorry for me. 


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