Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Summer is here?

This weather is creeping me out.  It was 85 DEGREES TODAY, temps we don't usually see until after Memorial Day. Add to it that our A/C for the top two floors broke and you have someone VERY SUSPICIOUS about the heat the later months will bring. Our bedroom and my studio make up those floors, so I am 1) sleeping in the (air conditioned) guest room on the second floor; and 2) HAVE NO OFFICE IN WHICH TO ORGANIZE MY WORK.

Sure...I'm a little frustrated. A weeeeeee bit. When you have to sleep with wet hair to stay cool, it's not exactly what you'd call getting off on the right foot for summer. Grrrrr.

lol I look sweaty

Everything yesterday went as expected.  I got a little emotional afterward.  I took the rest of the day off: I ate sushi for dinner, had a bit too much Riesling, and caught up on What Not to Wear while licking my wounds. All gravy, baby. 

I suppose.

I wanted to give myself flowers, but I decided to wear them instead. It helped my crankiness, haha!

It's back to the grind today for a whirlwind week of meetings, data collection, and observations for my fellowship, which is winding down for the year. My eating has been crummy so I'm pulling back some. Or pushing back. As in, pushing back from the table. Heh. 

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