Monday, April 25, 2011

Ring my Bell(bottoms)

I had a GREAT Easter weekend...just amazing, really: good food, time to do nothing, and a great date with my Naughty Dog and Lovebug. And yesterday I started week 3 of the C25K I'm doing for Alexia's challenge. 

I am finding that I like running a lot. Like, a lot. I don't dream about it anymore (usually when I actually run the dream stops recurring) but I can't get enough.  I believe that the image of my legs moving is a reminder that I am moving forward, purposefully, and that I should concentrate on each individual moment.  That means not looking too far ahead (ohmygodI'mcuttingmybreastsoff) or behind (itwouldhavebeenbetternottoknow)...but enjoying the newness of Spring, the revelation of life unfolding in the buds around me.  Sappy, no?

Well, it's Easter. Sue me.

bell bottoms, top, belt- anthro
Evidently my body likes running too.  After feeling a little frustrated at the state of my tummy  (never a trouble zone) the last week or so, I remembered that I tend to get a little tummy when weight drops off in other places. Some OLD pants confirmed (hint: ones I thought I'd have to toss) I am losing mad inches in de legs!! Now if only the scale would follow suit. 

I am trying something new with these jeans: until now I've stuck to dark washes with no whiskering.  But when this pair went on sale, I thought "why not?" Most of my other pants were too big by then anyway.  They are a light wash, tight through the thigh, with a flared leg.  Not sure how I like them yet, but I'm feeling adventurous, at least. 

jacket-banana republic
 Follow suit, scale! 

Thanks again for ALL of your support and encouragement. My MRI is later today, and I haven't really slept at all.  I am nervous but not nervous, both steely and resigned.  I wanted to get up and run some of this negative energy off (well...walk/run) but since I was awake at the time I usually rise for the morning, I figured I'd sleep in.

But you see how well that's working, haha!


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