Friday, April 22, 2011

Miss Munch-too-much

 It's the end of another crazy week.  By the time you read this, I will have:

-completed 2 weeks of C25K; (When can I start calling myself a runner, lol?)
-had 7 nights of listening to both my dog and my husband snore;
-sat on 2 conference calls where I uttered not a single word; (I read blogs instead.)
-gotten a gig for the summer (yes! a grad student's dream!); and
-tripped in this outfit while getting on the bus. (People laughed.)

The last two jog/walks have been great! No more physical pain from running, unless you count the stitch I got in my side about halfway through.  Know what I did differently?

Um, I've been eating more. (Collective swear word here.) 

jeans- j brand; top- banana republic
I have been feeling a real urge to eat lately, and it seems like genuine hunger.  So I'm going with it. I lost another .6 (yay, blah-giddy, blah fucking blah) this week and am getting a wee bit tired of these slow, untidy numbers. I want to lose a pound already! Dropping my calories is out of the question, though. It literally feels as if something is gnawing at my insides. If it hinders my weight loss (which I'm sure it will) I will have to reevaluate...maybe do some carb shuffling to keep seeing movement on the scale.

belt- too big! ann taylor loft

I'm gearing up for the big MRI on Monday. Yikes. I wonder if contrast fluid makes you retain water? I know typical IVs (saline and glucose) do...another collective swear word here. Oh, fuck it. Shit.

Thanks to all of you who commented this week.  I appreciated Every. One. Truly.

Have a GREAT Passover/Easter weekend.  I am planning this week's date night, buying a ticket to Florida, and sorting some data into categories. All very random things, I know. What are your plans for the holiday?

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