Years ago, I began low carbing as a way to drop the last 13 pounds to my goal weight (Hence, the title of the blog!).  I never made it there, but found that the plan gave me more energy, cleared my skin, grew my hair and nails, and took away cravings for sugar.  

Later, missing some foods, I started to overeat, which led to a seesaw of binge eating and restriction.  I spent some time investigating the "whys" of my eating, always keeping in mind how good my body felt with higher fat, veggies and protein, the foundations of a lower carb plan.   I now eat about 120 grams of carbs per day,  lots of natural fat, and good proteins.

I am high- risk for type II diabetes, so I limit processed foods most of the time, and recently, I've been experimenting with two-day vegetarianism-- going meatless twice per week.

I also read lots of books on eating: not eating plans, per se, but books that stressed investigating the importance of the emotional context of my eating habits.  

And finally, I eat with the goal of putting the healthiest, most life- sustaining food into my body...cuz I love to eat!
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