Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday Q&A: The Earth and My Ass Part 2

In a previous post, I mentioned my quest to regularly select foods from places that practice care with the things they sell, produce, and grow. Part of those goals includes buying organic produce when I can and seeking out local and/or farm- raised animal products.

This is new for me. As a working wife, I cook, but it needs to be convenient as well as delicious.  Time is a huge factor. I cook four meals per week (two with leftovers) and eat out once a week.  Bottom line: we love food, so it has to 1) taste good; 2) not take longer than an hour to prepare; and 3) be nutritious, or "clean," with little sugar and few additives.

We are lucky to have two decent farmer's markets within walking distance.  My *only* trouble with them is that they operate during very specific (and short) time windows, so when I miss them (as I did this weekend) I feel forced back to the grocery store. I know that isn't true, and that I could just as easily opt to drive out to the burbs for organic grocery store produce.  (Another sticking point: at what point does the cost of fuel outweigh the earth- friendly benefit of organic food?)

I am trying to shift my thoughts from "that would be nice" to "this is my choice."  It's hard not to feel a little entitled: I work all day then come home and cook so why shouldn't I be able to stop at the grocery store two blocks from here? Huh, huh? Whyyyyyyyyyyyy?

I'll let my spoils speak for themselves. And no, I didn't buy all of this. Though I wanted to.  I mean, who can resist sausage from a cooler?

mmm, sausage.  Minimally processed with no bad stuff.

The result was a grocery bill only a few bucks more than usual, but one that cut out one meat serving a week, another recommendation by the experts. I guess the goal of all of this is for my actions to match my beliefs, and for my dollars to align as well.  I vote with my debit card...cha- ching!

So I'm curious...what steps are you taking to eat more "green?"   Have you made the shift from the big chain grocery stores?

weight loss, week 12: -.6 (sigh. repeat after me: any downward trend, any downward trend...)
total weight loss: 11.6

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