Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rainy Gray Day

Urg...back to the grind. My Tuesday gig at the school got shut down unexpectedly.  The story is really sad: I work with first graders in an underfunded public school in the neighborhood, doing fun activities that point towards early experiences with text and activity- based learning. Turns out, their teacher quit mid- year, so they split the class into other already- swelled first grade classes. 

And they nixed our program.

One if my interest areas is called public literacies, which are basically how people figure out how to make decisions about their lives via media and/or social interactions.  The parents at this school weren't told about the teacher's departure for two months. Can you imagine?  I often wonder how breakdowns like that studying it, in fact.

Anyhow, I wore this outfit for my quick trip to NYC, knowing the outfit had to be a few things:

-comfy, as I was traveling with a large bag and walking a lotta blocks, not to mention wearing it for the better part of two days;
-layered, since it was rainy on the way out, but due for a warm-up the following day; and
-100% authentic, because when meeting new folks I always want to be my truest self.

top- banana republic; jacket- jcrew
I opted for old pieces that hug my body like dear friends: my favorite jacket, teenaged  maxi skirt, and scrunch boots. I didn't worry about how fat my arms look, or that nothing about this outfit emphasized my waist. Unless you count the tights that were so tight on top that they were cutting off my circulation.  And giving me a fat roll.

Just me.

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