Monday, March 07, 2011


There are many changes afoot.  Unfortunately the only change in the weather has been rain + cold instead of snow.  Come on, Spring! 

Everyone is feeling sick of this weather- even the dog!  He has been more snuggly than usual lately, either indicating that I have a terminal illness or that he needs more HEAT.  

I tend to punctuate emotional times with color...the brighter the better. Oh, and swear words.  But unless this is your first post, your ass knows this. Shit.

This pink velvet blazer makes another appearance.   That's right!  I REPEAT outfits!  Tell the fashion police.  Please also tell them that I need a fashion scholarship. I have a new wishlist waiting at Anthro.  And Bloomingdale's, and Sak's, and Neiman's. 

I love the color on my skin, and worked in the tones of the blouse with the jacket.  I paired it with my teenaged maxi skirt, which has an elastic waist and is made of rayon!!!!! (but don't tell that to Stacy and Clinton).  It was cold, so I had leggings and tights underneath.That's right, leggings and tights! 

I am living on the edge here!

jacket, blouse- jcrew; skirt-dillard's in 1998!

And, with my camera finally out of auto- mode (thank you, photography class!), I managed to take a  blurry- ass picture that I like nonetheless,  messy hair and all:

Art imitates life? I am feeling a bit out of focus recently, and am happy that this week is our Spring Break. Time off! No thinking! No writing or transcribing! No site visits! Time to focus on just me.  Not you!  And not that wayward lock of hair sticking straight the fuck up in the pic above.

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