Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday Q & A: Our Earth and my Ass Part 1

I've been watching lots of food documentaries lately: Fat Head; Food, Inc.; and The Future of Food.  One of my commitments to the earth is to eat most foods as they are found in nature, and to try to do so with an eye toward lessening my carbon footprint.  I am not a purist by any means: I enjoy salad dressings, dairy, and frozen vegetables as much as the next well as my packaged seaweed snack from ye olde Trader Joe's. (Licks fingers. Yes, I just finished a package. Shut up!)

But I think most processed food is bad: bad for us, bad for the earth, bad tasting (okay...not ALL of it, lol.  I love some Di'Giorno's!).  But really, is that how they're marketing wings now? As "wyngz?" 

doin the damn thing with pizza and...wyngz?

Wow. Wonder how much meat is actually in those.  I mean, how much "meetz."

So I am learning more about what eating well means.  I mean, I kind of knew before, since limiting sugar also means limiting most processed foods, but it appears there's more to the story than just skipping the cookie aisle.  I knew that the most nutritionally dense foods come from nature.  Buuuuuut the choice of what apparently also matters as much as where and how.

Some things I'm taking away from all these documentaries, all viewed from the elliptical (go, me!): 

-eating produce in season;
-shopping farmer's markets;
-selecting foods from nearby farms rather than big box chains (or selecting food from nearby farms in the big box chains- more challenging);
-shopping the perimeter of the supermarket as much as I can;
-eating 20% less meat;
-eating organic, grass- fed meat and avoiding meat from the grocery store (!!!)

Here is the farmer's market near my crib. Loves it.

One of the biggest challenges is that last point- "Meetz." Basically, where the fuck can I buy  grass fed beef without hitting up Wholefoods?

What are some of your tips for eating green?  (I'm serious...I'm really interested in the types of things I can do to eat well but leave the world a better place.)


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