Thursday, March 31, 2011

All Smiles Cuz I'm Versatile

Thanks to the lovely Kristin from Lovely Apidae for nominating me for the versatile blogger award!  Believe it or not, I love to share random shit about myself.  I mean, when does my love for pillowcases come up in everyday conversation?  

Seriously, I love the blog's such a fun way to connect and decompress after hours and hours alone in the library.  And I've "met" some really rad folks, too. Fuck, I said "rad." I'm old.

sweater- anthro; jeans- levi's 545 flares

This sweater is so purdy.  The front panel is silk, and y'all know how much I love mixed media tops. The colorblocked 3/4 sleeves make me smile big.  And with the recent addition of two  heel guards I can finally wear these shoes with some regularity.  Have you noticed? Haha.

More randoms:

2.  I'm headed to Florida for the beach shopping shuttle launch in two weeks.  I'm so excited!
3. On Tuesdays, I work with first graders at a local public school.  They are not as cute as you'd think, haha. And they will do anything for M&Ms.

4.  After loving summer all of my life, I realized it's because I'd never seen a true Spring. 
5. I enjoy clothes but don't consider myself a fashion blogger.  Taking outfit pics is how I "view" myself as others view me...after selecting the more flattering poses, by the way.

6. I don't believe in debt, and I love Dave Ramsey. He's from Tennessee too.  Cash is king!
7.  Though I'm overweight, I'm the smallest person in my family.  Yep, smaller than the 14- year- old. (Damn corn pone country cookin'.)  I'm trying to do better!  We all need to, but Southern cookin' is hard to divorce.  I want some grits just thinking about this.

jacket- anthro

cuz I'm craz

Thanks for the award, miss Kristin!

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