Saturday, April 02, 2011

Sometimes I Wish I Were A Shoplifter

It'd beat having a monthly shopping budget.   I'd channel my inner Winona Ryder and shout "Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!" at the center of the jewelry department. 


Yeah.  I totally went there.  It's been one of those weeks. 

It has also been a week of scoping out Spring's newest trends, starting with a monthly visitor from Anthropologie. (No, not that monthly visitor.  The catalogue, silly!)

Oil Paints Cardigan.  
Okay, so this isn't from this month's catalogue.  But it's purdy, no?  Not a big seller, evidently, because all sizes remain.  Hey, yellow and brown don't look good on everyone.  But they look good on me...heh.  Yay for being outside of Anthro's target demographic.  Sometimes it pays to be brown.  Here's a pic of me looking straight gorg in it:

Eyes for You Jacket.
I know this looks like a granny jacket, but I tried it on.  Just trust me on this one. And ignore the shoulder pads.  Watch how I turn this into a piece of lovely:

Horn and Plenty Necklace.
Do I really need to say anything about this one? This shit is hot! It makes me want to get my African on.

Leticia Top.
Half top, half poncho? Sign my ass up.  That sweet v- neck is going to turn heads this Spring. 

Isabel Dress. 
I am totally aware that this dress doesn't look like much.  But it's another one I saw in the store and WOW.  It's this gorgeous, soft jersey.  And the pattern just begs to be paired with some wild and crazy colors. Maybe some purple shoes...

Okay, that's all I got.  I'm down another .7 pounds this week- my magic number.  But hey, it adds up!  And you know my motto: any downward trend rocks...

Annnnnd it's block cleanup this morning so I'm headed out in sweats to pick up soiled baby diapers off of the street with the other 12 families on the block while Naughty Dog traumatizes the little kids with his leaping.

Yes. That's the pleasure of living right smack in the heart of a city. And the peril of sharing a corner with a highrise.

Weight loss, week 11: -.7
Total loss: -11 pounds

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