Monday, April 04, 2011

Quickie: Orange and Green

My school colors were orange and green.  I do believe I bleed orange and green. I dreamed about going there, went there, and my mom is a professor there.  It is home.

Go, Rattlers!
 I always found orange and green a strange color combo, though. I mean, who put those together?  But now that brights are making a comeback, I decided, "Why not?" 

Hubs and I headed out for dinner and a movie, and finally, the weather wasn't horrible, so I wore this.  I realized later that every piece is from Anthropologie. The tank has some cool pleating that give it tons of interest, and the color is a bright, almost neon orange.

And this skirt? I bought it twice.  Once it got canceled before shipping.  But later I saw it in my local store and snatched it up for a third of the original price.  (By the way, marking things up so much should be a crime.)

In other news, I had a GREAT weekend with Lovebug.  We had a lot of fun this weekend: he helped with a little "green eating" project (more on that later).  And yesterday, we FINALLY saw Chris Rock's Good Hair. I loved it.  

Here's to the start of an already excellent week...As Tracie Thoms (my ex- neighbor, btw- we lived  right below her in Harlem) said in the film, "Why should wearing my hair the way it naturally grows out of my head be considered revolutionary?" 

I mean, do I look revolutionary? 

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