Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cooking Up a Pot of Greens

Collards, to be exact.  

They are my favorite green vegetable (besides green beans) but they take so loooooooong to cook.  I love them because 1) they are easy to healthify; and 2) you can eat them until you pop and still have eaten like, 50 calories, haha.  Works for me!

hair- God; skirt- anthro

I went and worked in a coffeeshop yesterday, which was good, then paused for a break to walk Naughty Dog.  Later tonight we'll do our taxes...grrrrrrr!  Let's hope we get some ducats back from Uncle Sam to stash away.  I mean, we bought a house, come on.  Perhaps if I bribe the accountant with greens...I'll get some green.

tank- jcrew; sweater-anthro

^ Yo. You cannot tell me that shit wasn't funny.

This week's exercise is 2/2. Go me.  Not svelte buuuuuut back in my 6s and 8s- whew.

heels-anthro; tights- target

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