Monday, March 28, 2011

Quickie: Gold Standard

So this whole 70s- boho trend has me shaking in my shorts.  I look bad in ALL of it.  ALL of it.  Usually when trends don't work for me, I don't mourn them...just keep it movin'.  But with this trend...I sort of LOVE all the crap that is too flowy/billowy/wide for someone with a large chest or shoulders as broad as mine.  It's so worldly and pretty!

no tree

Cut to this top- a $9.95 bargain at H&M.  It's one of those wouldn't- it-be- nice- to- have- a- new- top kind of tops.  And since it was so cheap, I don't have to care about its longevity in my closet.  Belted, it's a not-too- risky way to make an attempt at a trend that I might have skipped otherwise. 


Yesterday, hubs and I had a stupid tiff.
I was shocked: all I wanted to do afterwards was eat. Privately.
The awareness was odd, but didn't keep me from wanting the food.
I didn't end up eating the crap but feel like I learned something crucial.

So many surprises in this journey!
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