Friday, March 25, 2011

Kissing Friday

Thank God this week is almost over! 

It's been a tough week, both work- wise and personally: getting over this LOOOONG cold, hubs and I didn't get to see each other basically at all and I ran into another blip with my research.  (Why didn't anyone tell me to have a backup plan for the backup plan? And no, "be flexible" isn't adequate warning.)  

top-ann taylor; jacket-anthro
The upsides:
-I have exercised every day this week, and my menus have been varied and interesting.  (Score one for being able to work from home most days this week.)
-I had a huge non- scale victory: I've officially lost a pants size! (I actually skipped TWO sizes in jeans. Wowza.)
-Though I didn't lose a full pound this week (.7), the scale is still trending downward. Works for me!

I also had a really great meeting on Wednesday with the folks I may be working with next year.

boots-frye; jeans- levi's 505 straight

I broke a personal rule with these jeans, purchased for me by Lovebug: I HATE whiskering.  You know, the fading and stripes added to make jeans look more worn?  Guess what, manufacturers?  THAT ALSO MAKES PEOPLE'S LEGS LOOK WIDE! I am lacking in the hips department, so I thought it wouldn't be a big deal, but alas! These are going back.  I'll trade them in for my old dark wash, thank you very much. 

Today will be a light work day: some transcriptions, some paperwork, and then down to our local Borders, which is closing. I would like to read some *gasp* fiction this weekend!

Thanks for your previous comments on my eating plan mishmash.  I used to be a hard core, by-the-book  dieting person, so I always feel a little strange describing my current blending of plans/principles/ calorie counting/ carb watching.  Thing is...if it didn't work then, it's not gonna work now, so I'm trying to shake things up!

have a great weekend,
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