Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Two- Timing

Yep, two- timing, that's me.

Overwhelmed by stress of these last weeks, I have two options: wallow and panic or push through slowly and do something productive. 

To manage it all, I've been hitting the gym-- twice a day.  I know it's not a schedule I will want to keep up-- or even be able to keep up-- but for now it's pretty awesome.  I am calling it my "since- I- won't- be- able- to- exercise- for- two- weeks- double- exercise"  shenanigans.  That is the only part of the exchange surgery I am not looking forward to...the dumb, sleepy slowness that comes from general anesthesia.  And the restrictions. Of not being able to work out. Wait, I said that.

So anyway, I'm working out. Lots. It's so weird how recently I am not even thinking about weight loss.  Those people I once thought were jackasses because they said "OMG exercise is such stress relief" are making me eat my words.  I eat chicken sometimes too.

Mom is coming up. She's never been north in the Spring, go figure. I think she'll like it.

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