Sunday, May 06, 2012

Exchange Surgery: Coming to a Chest Near You

So my Pre- op visit to my plastic surgeon was this week. They are so nice there.

{top- anthro; pants- lord and taylor; shoes- jcrew}

 A few days after my graduation, I will go under the knife again, this time for implants. I'm excited, not nervous at all. The plastic surgeon is a perfectionist. This I like.

On mother's day mom and I will do the Komen race for the cure. I am not typically sentimental about such things (I don't really "get" walks/ runs...except for the actual "running" part) but she insisted.

Anyway, here's my attempt at peplum, and these mint pants again. When I get something new I wear it a bunch of ways in a row to see how it works best. I am liking this a little better than the last go round.

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes! It is finally sinking in that I'm "Dr." It is still weird. With my fellowship finishing up next month, my surgery, and no more school...I feel like my life is about to become new.

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