Wednesday, May 09, 2012


I was at the gym yesterday and this woman came up to me. Somehow or other we got to talking about this workout- to- relieve- stress stuff.  She says, "Yeah, I've always felt that working out to feel good-- not for weight loss-- is better." 

And then her azz went back to sipping her Gatorade and walking on the treadmill.

See, this is what I am talking about.  People who have never been more than 30 pounds overweight seriously have nothing to say to me.  Do you know about being fat? No. Do you know what it's like to be acutely aware of all of your jiggly parts when you run/bike/walk/ lift? To be called "the fat one," have trouble finding plus sized clothes, or have people stare at your plate when you eat? No? Then GTFOWTBS!

The fact that she was *walking* and *drinking her calories* (at the same time, no less) is a sure sign that she's been regular- sized most of her life.  And NO, it was not a cool-down and NO, she did not mention an illness/limitation/injury. 

Guess what? Fat people get to want to lose weight by exercising. And yes, it's hard, cuz diet is the key part of weight loss. But she (and lots of bloggers I read) BURN ME UP when they try to compare exercise to STAY thin/get fit to exercise to GET thin. Vanity pounds (i.e., the freshman 15 or OMG my size 0s don't fit) and weight- loss pounds (shit I have high blood pressure and pre- diabetes and PCOS) are so, so different.

Take it from me. Being fat at the gym was a lot scarier, a lot meaner than it is now. And I'm not even at my goal weight.

So all that "people should just enjoy themselves" crap seems like it's just that...crap. Random gym girl, get some WATER for your high horse, push that treadmill into the running zone, and STFU.

Rant over. Moving on.
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