Sunday, January 15, 2012

Post- Op Day 5: On Mental Fuzziness

In short: it's there.

Before my surgery I wrote nearly every day for 6 hours or so. Now I'm lucky if I don't feel as if my InStyle magazine isn't written in Portuguese.

It will pass. I'm sure it's the meds.  In the meantime I HAVE A DATE FOR MY FINAL DEFENSE (!!!!!!!!!) this May. I LOVE my dissertation chair. LOVE her.

I can do it. (But not this week, haha.) Being patient with my body, letting myself heal, and taking advantage of having the mental capacity of an 11- year old has its perks.  Can we say Women's World magazine, anyone?

I will say that for someone who fancies herself a bit of an intellectual, this time is both scary and funny.

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