Monday, January 16, 2012

Post- Op Day 6: If ya wanna


My best friend was in town celebrating her brother's engagement, so we got to guck it up for a little while.  I remember her mom pinching  us (hard) in church when we were teenagers, passing notes instead of listening to the Word.  It was an amazing visit; this year has been the first year of our lives we've lived in different cities.  She's a nurse anestithist, (spelled completely wrong but remember my brain is on vibrate for now.)

Which brings me to this: being housebound.

One word: ugh.

{most used: burt's bees for my hands and feet; laptop for reading blogs
and watching TV; earplugs; tv tray table}

At first it was cool.  I am home an awful lot anyway since my work is mostly writing.  But usually when the tide turns-- that is, when I start, say, cleaning the fingerprints off of the door rather than reading-- I know it's time to hit up campus or a nearby coffee shop, of which there are 4 within 2 blocks of here. Having a lifting restriction means no cleaning (yay!) but that leaves me with People  magazine, blogs, and TV.  While it's been a good ride, I think I am going to have to venture out today.

My mother is insisting that the cold could interfere with my recovery. And's cold.  But guess what, people? I live in Philly. You know, where it's cold. 

I purposely made my recovery room my study, where there is an old living room set. I wanted to have visitors; more importantly, I didn't want to feel all confined to a bed.  The couch is old and cheap and tough- perfect for propping myself up.  I am also around a good portion of my books, which are my favorite things in the world...even though my mind won't let me even read a little fiction at the moment.

{I also want to say thanks for all of your comments and well wishes. Srsly.  I am so thankful that my recovery has been so easy.  Supposedly I'll see a home health nurse later today and then get drains out next week, which means...I'll be back in business. Your thoughts, prayers, good vibes, suggestions, and comments mean a lot.}

Okay, off to kill this moment of clarity with a Percoset. 

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