Saturday, January 14, 2012

Post- Op Day 4: Pain Management

I keep saying how little pain I'm having.  This, I'm sure, is far from accidental.  The surgical oncologist assigned to me stressed before my surgery how important it would be to continue to take medication for pain, even in the months following.  I didn't think about it much then-- my surgery was a month away-- but I have seen evidence of that particular urgency throughout my care.  Bottom line- don't hurt!

{tea, scripts, a model dissertation}

My current scripts have me taking percoset every 4 hours. (I can decide whether to take one or two.  Usually I take one, but at bedtime I take two.)  I also take a valium at bedtime, which relaxes the muscle beneath which my expander is placed. I take an antibiotic twice a day and a stool softener twice a day. 

One of my big questions was how much help to have following the surgery.  Here's my answer (again, based only on my own experience): you will need help. A savvy spouse could easily do it, or a trusted friend.  My mother was a nurse years ago and thus LOVES having a patient, haha, and has been fantastic.


The types of assistance I found I need the most are:
-preparing food-- and then actually eating it.  Mom cooked up a storm, but my appetite isn't so great (bet I'm staying within my weight watchers points now, lol). She's making sure I eat something.  My friends offered to bring food, but I declined because I thought I'd want more privacy after the surgery.  Also, the last thing I wanted was to get fat off of baked goods that people tend to bring!

-managing loved ones. I don't have kids, but can't imagine doing recovery solo with little ones. Again, a savvy spouse could get you through.  My "loved one" is my little dog, who gets a coupla walks per day. Mom and hubs are taking care of that for now, but I've been given the green light to walk with them (though since he's larger than 10 lbs- the upper limit of my restriction- someone else has to hold the leash).

-expressing my drains. I could do this myself, but I get the yucksies and my mom doesn't seem to I let her go for it.

-Cleaning. I have a dust allergy so my home is usually pretty clean.  I couldn't keep it that way without someone to help.

Bottom line: you could maybe do this alone, but it could be risky to.  My insurance covers a home health aide, but I haven't seen her just yet.

That's all I can think of for now.

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