Friday, January 13, 2012

Post-Op Day 3

Again, home and feeling like a million bucks.  Basically, I feel as if I had a tough workout with weights and am just a little sore from it.

So much of what I had anticipated happening  didn't happen. For example:

-I can shower.  This is a much- talked about topic in the FORCE community.  I was fully prepared to be unable to shower for several days, but nope. As long as I have a way to secure my drains to my body, it's all good.  For this purpose, I've purchased a drain belt.  It works pretty well.

-I can use a regular cup, open bottles, and pull back my hair on my own.

-I can move, go up and down stairs, lift (light things) and walk my pup.  If I felt like it, I could cook a meal.  But my mom is here, so I'm totally taking advantage of her home cookin', haha.  It is so nice to be served and cared for!

hospital bracelet and IV insertion area

-The yuckiest part is these damn drains.  I am not queasy at all but gook coming out of you is pretty gross, and having to measure it is pretty gross too.  I'm supposed to get these out after a week or so.  

-I'm mentally a little out of it.  I mean, I feel good but even putting together an email takes more effort than usual; also my memory seems a little off, probably because of the painkillers. I am told that that's normal.

{The recovery room- my study}

My plastic surgeon told me before the surgery that my breasts were so large that she could make the incision on the underside of my new breasts. That means no visible scarring, people. She's incredible. No scars!

Seriously...if you found my blog through FORCE and are on the fence about the it. I feel AMAZING.


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