Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Snagged from Ghana: A Wee Bit of Pattern Mixing

Whelp, I'm back in Philly-- exhausted but still reeling over the beautiful country of Ghana.  And oh, yeah, my family reunion in Memphis.  It was a marathon trip and I have a ridiculous amount of work now that I'm back...but oh, well! Better than the alternative. It was a GREAT trip.

I thought that rather than bore you with the 300 pics I took while I was away I'd integrate a few of my favorites over time.  Maybe I'll do a post with my top 25 or something.

This pic was taken on our way to downtown Accra.  The women are so feminine- beautiful but strong. They are proud of their bodies and celebrate them with bright, bold prints that they wear in the form of dresses or skirts. Roundness is valued in Ghana, and the feminine form is highlighted without shame.

This woman strapped her baby to her back in a bright mix of fabrics.

That baby is knocked out, son.

I brought my ass home and attempted the same. You know. Except without the baby. And the ginormous buckets on my head.

{shoes- mia shadow; skirt- jcrew; striped top- calvin klein; jacket- anthro}

You like that shit, right? The stripes + florals?  I first tried the combo during EA shopping day (below) back in April, and pined after the outfit like a sniveling puppy.  But the dress has a cutout back that makes its $138 price tag a no go.  I have also been kinda crunk on the maxis and figured I should stop before it became more obsessive (see here, here, here, here and here). And there are two that haven't made it to the blog yet. So a striped top it was.

Roxy's Pic

You will also be seeing the shoes A LOT. They are new and feel like sneakers, which was the hope when I ordered them off of Gilt.

Though in the pic the woman is holding onto her wares, most women balanced their goods perfectly without steadying with an arm.  It was amazing- both the skill and the content: we saw women toting chickens, snails, tupperware, and hands required. Our guide said that learning is  considered a rite of passage. 

In the US, dieting is considered a rite of passage. Boo and hiss.

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