Friday, July 01, 2011

Better Than Ever?

So! The short version: I ran 33 minutes this morning after over two weeks away from exercise.  I also did part of Anne's lifting routine to make for an entire hour of exercise. This doesn't seem like a big deal except that I finally feel equipped to take on my doctor's recommendation of 4 hours of exercise per week. You know, kind of equipped. Cuz if I never had to exercise again that would be cool too. Of course, my cells would then magically morph into deadly cancer cells and I would collapse and die within the month.  I know this isn't true but cancer is a great workout partner, yaaaaaaaa.  

{top- anthro "first hints"; pants- jcrew minnie; shoes-gucci}

I guess that was sort of the long version.

The real short version: I did it! I keep being amazed.

As promised, a daily Ghana pic for your viewing pleasure:

We visited a small school in Cape Coast and these beautiful girls sang a greeting to us. In Ghana, school- aged girls are typically required to have their hair cut low. Aren't they regal?

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