Friday, May 27, 2011

Let it Burn

I went and got my yellow fever vaccine for my upcoming trip to Ghana yesterday.  Can I just say-- travel vaccines are a total racket.  Or, as my hubs, who works in the pharma industry, says: unregulated medicines are cash cows.  I was out $240 bucks by 9am.
And it stung.  Ouch. 

(top, necklace, bracelet- anthro; jeans- paige hidden hills}

 I am pretty excited for Memorial Day.  We have no plans, but I see Delaware beaches and some barbecue in my future.  Maybe. 

am I wincing?

I sort of love this top.  It's flowy and a little goddess-y. I hesitate wearing light colors on top but I couldn't resist.  I need a little whimsy during this crushing work!

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