Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday: Finding Equilibrium

So...I seem to have found a luxurious pace with my running, but I am straight up hungry. I "spoke" with a few folks virtually, and each one *gasped* at my caloric intake.  Far too low, they said.  You are a runner now; eat the calories you're burning to continue to lose slowly. 

But I started running to help lose weight, I protested.  Why would I eat my deficit?

Basically, so you don't do what you're doing, was the answer.

Rational woman that I am, I burped,  licked the crumbs off of my face and considered this. 

{top, shoes- anthro; tank- tk maxx; skirt, necklace- loft}
See? I am not so smart: eat so I don't overeat. Child's play, no? We shall see. 

In the meantime, I am up only one pound, which tells me that my body is needing these calories.  (Just maybe not so many in the form of peanut butter or ice cream.)

I bought a new pair of running kicks and I can magically run a minute faster per mile. Wowza. I got fitted at a little running store on campus.  I also bought Oprah's Enell bra, as my girls are often...a bit more active than I'd like. Ahem.

I am loving this, and can't believe that only a few short weeks ago I was puffing after only a minute or two of running.  Now I can run two and a half miles! Fewer than two weeks left in the C25K program...I can say that it works. I'm a runner!

Now if I could just be a smaller runner.

Thanks to all of you who left comments on my sweary post.  My plan is to eat approximately 250 calories more per day and eventually cross train with other exercise.  For now, finishing up the program is my exercise priority; I want this habit to stick, so I'm going slowly. Soooooo slowly! I love to weight train, so it is a logical next step.

In other news...I am so ridiculously busy right now, and am now sort of wondering why I signed up for a summer job while doing data collection and finishing up my fellowship.  It is hard not to feel overwhelmed.  My apologies for my recent absence from the blogosphere.

I am chugging along. 

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