Friday, August 17, 2012

Nipple Recon

Whelp, after a long hiatus (for several reasons) I'm back after nipple reconstruction surgery yesterday.

As part of it, I had some assymetry repaired, as well as some liposuction for the extra skin and fat left over from my previous F cups.

The surgery took an hour, I'm told, and my doc was efficient and knowledgable as usual. I had some breakout bleeding and pain but not even 18 hours later I feel fine but a little sore.

I'm still bandaged up, so I can't see my nip-nips, but through my little cotton dress they are looking pretty wonderful.

The last months have brought a ton of changes:
-finishing up the doctorate;
-a summer gig with students who changed my life;
-Good friends who REALLY became family with all of their care and love;
-A gig that starts next year as an assistant professor of writing and all of the opportunities that go along with it!

This surgery is the last one. My life is changing a lot, and this is part of it. I am excited and scared and excited some more.

A few pics from along the way: my french neighbor's delicious boxed wine; city wine tasting/pairings;
the view from my office; a dear friend's little one; games with my students; a birthday celebration with my dear, dear, newly-in-love friend.
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