Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Exchange Surgery: Two Weeks Out

It appears that I have finally forgotten that I have a blog.

The two weeks since my exchange surgery has flown by. Tomorrow I can return to exercise and say goodbye to lifting restrictions. I am healing amazingly well, and am mostly happy with the outcome: there's a little extra skin still, but I'm told that can be addressed at my final surgery-- the nipple reconstruction. I am not looking forward to another surgery but am excited about moving on to a new phase in my life without having to think about breast cancer. And having "finished" boobs.

In the meantime I've been creating sample syllabi and doing revisions and sharpening my teaching philosophy statement for this round of jobs (September- November).

I am so freaking tired. My last vacation was a year ago (Ghana!) and I desperately need a physical and mental break. My body feels strong, but I'd be lying if I said this year hasn't been one of the most emotionally and academically draining times of my life.

I cut out to the Big Apple for a conference but am still going and going...

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