Monday, March 05, 2012

This is Why I Take Pictures

I am figuring that some see this as a fashion blog; others see it as a weight- loss blog; and now, with the advent of all of my BOOB DRAMA, it has become a hereditary breast cancer awareness blog.

Underneath it all,  though, this blog is a very imperfect (and partial) account of how I am learning to live my best life.

I take photos because I have a bit of body dysmorphia-- can't tell from a mirror whether I look fat or thin or somewhere in between.  But a picture-- a picture-- keeps me honest. I can see from pics what clothes look okay and which ones to retire, which colors look blah and which really pop.

That said, it was a picture that convinced me to keep going with the fills, even though they hurt.  I'm posting the picture maybe help someone some day. I'm not wearing makeup and my hair is pulled back the way that I sleep in it, and OMG my arms but here goes...

{leather- trimmed pants- elie tahari;

Yeah, I want a lil' more up top than this.

Re: pain--I will make it my business to dope up more and make pain management a priority before and after fills.  Recently with the crushing deadlines of my dissertation, I've tried to take as few meds as possible because they make me slow and sleepy and dumb.  But for those days, I'll take numb and that I can get through this.  

By the way...Sunday, like magic, all the pain is gone.  It's so cool how the body can adapt...

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