Sunday, March 04, 2012

Advice from my Sister- friend

She is a nurse anesthetist who has been on the back end of many implant surgeries as a nurse, and has been walking me through the process.  She has also known me since we were...8. Memphis church, three different schools, college roommates, NYC, Philly...all together. It's the first time in our lives we've been apart. 

{gap turtleneck; love divya fur vest; levi's;}

Anyhoo, she suggested that in order to get a better sense of how satisfied I am with this size, to go shopping. Now...we love shopping, but this time she said to go with a purpose in mind-- to see how I'll look in different clothing.  She suggested trying on a swimsuit top, a strapless dress, turtlenecks, workout tank, a pretty bra-- basically anything I couldn't /wouldn't  really wear with my larger breasts-- to determine if this size is a stopping point.

I am in a lot of pain after my fill this week and want the fills to STOP.  This pain is clouding your decision, she says.  I'm a B cup and have wished all of my life to be bigger. 

It's hard, because I was an F cup and always wanted my breasts to just GO AWAY.  Especially after my sister died of good old breast cancer...I felt like I was next.

So if I feel better later today I'm going to hit the stores, which are right now in that weird transition time from winter to spring...pretty much everything from sweaters to swimsuits is on display. 

I suppose I'll give it a go.

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