Thursday, March 01, 2012

Prophylactic Bilateral Mastectomy Recovery: Lucky Seven (weeks post)

So I'm 7 weeks out from the big boob chop. I finally feel back up to snuff.

There are the little matters of:

-muscle twitches where my breasts used to be;
-sensitivity to cold (or even to cool); and
-sucky sleeping from these cup- like contraptions called expanders.

I still do not regret it, even though I was looking at myself naked today and was like "breasts" look like a war zone.

In clothes, however, I am liking the lightness of my A+ cups.  I feel as if I look like a B, no? I have no frame of reference except my kind plastic surgeon and another friend who both showed me the profile of their "true" B cups.  (And both of them are small Asian women. Which I am not...didja notice?)

I finally feel as if my breasts aren't "in the way."  The nurse who does my expansions says to keep going, that I'll be too small if I stop now. 

What do I know? It's all just a guessing game to me.
I keep having to remind myself to trust.

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