Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pre- Diabetes

Not me. My moms. 

I am so upset.  I remember when I first started to limit sugar ten years ago.  She said, "That's crazy! Everything in moderation! Why are you using full- fat salad dressing and eating real eggs every day?"

And now my relatively slim, cancer- survivor mother was given the 35-55-55 rule, which is short for how many carbs to eat at breakfast, lunch and dinner.  (Incidentally, this is about how many I eat now, except on splurge days or special occasions.)

I want to help her.  She eats healthfully, I know this...because she raised me, and I grew up eating well-- at home, anyway.  But there was a lot of bread in our house, and "healthy" cereal, and oatmeal, and crackers. These days its fresh veggies from her garden and a piece or cornbread or rice. 

I set her up with myfitnesspal and told her to track everything for awhile.  For ease, I also suggested that she pick up a couple of books:


and this:

Hey, she's a researcher too. To "wing it"  by just "watching her carbs" at this point is silly. 

I'm trying not to get too frustrated, but it bothers me when people have information and don't use it. Americans will research sales on Black Friday, or a way to win a video game, or Google the Oscar- nominated movies that we missed, hunt them down on Netflix or a local theater and go watch them.  But when it comes to our health...it's whatever bullshit quickie we see on Good Morning America.

She's my Mama, so I'm watching my mouth. A "pre-diabetes" tag isn't a condition-- rather it's a set of symptoms.  SYMPTOMS THAT CAN poof! be gone BY WATCHING CARBS AND EXERCISING. Cough. 

We'll see.
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