Sunday, February 26, 2012

Currently Wearing

This bra:

gap racerback bra

It's stretchy and feels almost like nothing, but in a good way.  There's a Gap on campus and so twice this week while leaving campus (blush) I stopped in to get one.  Hey, whatever gets me to the library...

In the meantime my back hurts. I know it's still those yucky muscles stretching but damn. I sleep sitting up and wake up moaning.  And...I am tempted to STAY this size. Perhaps I'll rustle up the energy to post a pic tomorrow, but the good nurse says I'm an A cup. Not even a B? I have no point of reference except HUGE so this size seems nice and small and unobtrusive to me.

I could get with a B.

I am delaying bedtime, like a child, because sleep is so uncomfortable.

Cupcakes and rainbows, eh? But alas, no cancer.  I keep reminding myself of that.
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