Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Flower Power

I am not sure how I'm feeling about this flowered pants trend.  They're beautiful, sure, but I can't get past the thought that I would look as if I were wearing a curtain.  You know- like the Von Trapps when Maria made the whole brood playclothes.

(And not that I have any flowered curtains. Or am in any way comparing myself to a singing nun.)

Anyhoo, I don't mind a nice floral top or blazer. This one still kinda  fits after the surgery so I decided to bust it out. I pined and pined for it this time last year and finally bought it on sale from you know where.

It's Spring Break 'round these parts and this is the first year I haven't been on an island somewhere. The flowers won't give me a tan, but they do remind me it's almost Spring...

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