Thursday, March 29, 2012

I'm Alive...Barely.

I am merrily (ha!) putting finishing touches on an unexpected chapter of the Big Diss.  Unexpected chapters suck because they are a) unplanned; b) throw timelines WAY off track; and c) make this thing more and more interesting, therefore decreasing the likelihood that I will put it to bed.

I have no life: I eat, sleep, and breathe this thing.
One.More.Month.  And then to bed it goes, no matter what. Research is a game of search and reveal, seek and find (and find and find!) so at some point...stopping it just what you have to do.

{tweed jackets and pointy toes make me feel all Dr.-y}

And then there's this fellowship, which Good Knight of Mighty is running me down.

But there is a finish line in sight, and I have quietly already begun to think of my self as "Dr." Not hubris this time.


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