Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Earth and My Ass: Spring Cleaning

I never believed those people who claimed to exercise to manage stress.  Stress to me = ice cream, bad movies, booze, and some time with friends.  Maybe some action, IYKWIM.  NOT an hour on the elliptical or a 6- mile run.


As my deadline looms, I can say this with my hand over my heart: exercise helps me stay focused.  When I miss that morning workout, my mind is slower, I get more impatient, and the silence of writing time gets too loud.

I sort of hate this skirt. But I can't make myself toss it.
{Skirt- Hunter Dixon via Anthro; Top- Tiny via Anthro}

It is what it is, no?  Proof: my new favorite show is Burn Notice, which I watch exclusively on the elliptical.  The show is constructed in such a way that it's quite a nuisance to pause it-- so I push through the 42 minutes so that I can see Michael Weston break his way out of an underwater steel cage (with his hands in cuffs and a bullet wound) and come out unscathed. Nay, he isn't even wet. 

And then it's upstairs for abs or arms while I catch up with the local news, which can, quite frankly, usually be done in 18 minutes or less.

And while I would like to hit pause on my OMGarm jiggle, I have to be honest with myself: I don't really have time to get caught up in weight loss drama.  I am on a deadline. My "breasts" are rocks. I've had fills, pain, soreness, a back rash, a boob rash, hypersensitivity, trouble sleeping, trouble pooping, and trouble staying awake.

So a nice bonus to all of this stress is a bounce in my step or an extra helping, depending on which day you're talking to me.

Not sure how long it'll last, but I'm holding out for 5 weeks...


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