Monday, April 02, 2012



I had my last fill this time last week. an exchange surgery date! With my fill I look even more porn- star-ish, and my knockers are- well, hard as rocks and high as kites.

 I am sleeping poorly, still, which is a VERY BAD THING! as I work long hours to get this thing done.

breast art in L.A.-- who knew breast art existed?

 In other news, I have a week wholly free of fellowship commitments, so I can just...write. One month to go.

I am so excited about the exchange surgery, which is supposed to be a remarkably easy recovery-- some say as short as a long weekend. My plastic surgeon said that I am "going to have a beautiful result."  I never, never thought that I could actually end up appreciating my breasts after years of viewing them as giant death bombs. What a strange, strange experience this is.  I have learned so.freaking.much. And I appreciate my LIFE so much more.

I am unsentimental about most things, so I'll shut this post down here before I get worked up.

More later, but I couldn't help a quick post...I'm SO EXCITED NOW!
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