Sunday, March 11, 2012

As Much as You Can Bear

The old folks say that God only gives you what you can bear.

The last two weeks have been monsters, and then comes the weekend: the fill.  That means two days on the couch, inhaling painfully if I'm unlucky, as I have been the last few weeks.  But if I'm lucky-- as I was this week-- there was a night of relative restfulness and Saturday morning arriving with me feeling just fine.

{cardi- gap; top- maeve via anthro; pants-elie tahari}

This week's discomfort has given me pause when considering people who live with chronic pain. 

I took the weekend off of writing, which I haven't done since the start of this thing.  I had a great day yesterday in which I took some advice from a good friend:  I took my ass shopping. Didn't buy a thing, but tried on some tops (okay, a few pants got thrown in there too) and bras and jackets. 

After this week's fill my breasts sit so high that I look a bit like a porn star.  I can't imagine what I'll look like after one more, the final one before heading back to the doc so that she can determine when my swap from these plastic cups to squishy implants will be.

A few notes from the dressing room are certain to follow.  And maybe a Spring wishlist from stuff I peeped out and maybe some pics from my book club brunch happening later today...
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