Saturday, March 17, 2012

Prophylactic Bilateral Mastectomy: 9 Weeks Post

So. I'm good. Stamina's back.

Hypersensitivity is gone.
The nagging back pain from two weeks ago- fini. I hope.

Yesterday I had a fill and I thought I'd check in: my porn- star boobs look funny.  I call them that because they sit SO HIGH. They are hard as plastic bowls and look like them too.  I have some irritation on one side from adhesive on the band- aid following a fill two weeks back.  Also, sleeping is difficult. I've been taking an OTC sleep aid to get the 7.5 I need to be a human being.

{Cords- Gap; blazer- J.Crew; blouse- tucker;}
I'm exercising 4 hours a week, mostly on the elliptical.  I can tell I'm shrinking.

I am at 480 ccs now and have small, don't-mind-me breasts, which I wanted. One more fill (maybe) and then...all done.  I'll have to wait a month before exchanging to implants and hey...that also happens to be around the time I graduate...

I am in the home stretch for many things, it appears.

I am so exhausted that I can't breathe.

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