Thursday, January 05, 2012


Ah, a 50- cent word. I am a lover of words, so I took it up, challenged myself to a duel, and now use it often...if only tangentially. Heh.

I am disappointed that I will not make my "two chapters" deadline before my surgery next Tuesday, and even sadder that I can't seem to locate the instructions or dates for graduation/final defense anywhere on our website.

I'm frustrated, and scuuuuuuuuured.

{blazer, pants- gap; shirt- brooks brothers; shoes-jcrew}

My surgery is in a few days and all I can do is gaze at the rows of shoes in my closet.  This pair is my current favorite. Mom comes on Sunday. I'm still writing and writing.

Surgery or no surgery, I will be Dr. Thirteen by June. Mark my words.

I have been having odd recurring thoughts recently: of changing my name; weight loss and fitness; pillows-- cotton or down?

It has suddenly gotten stupidly cold.  I realized today that after my breasts are gone, my cute little jackets will no longer fit.

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