Saturday, January 21, 2012

First Snow (Okay. Really the Second. But Freak Snow in October Doesn't Count.)

I am especially happy to be alive today.

I've been complainy recently, but today I have realized something: all of this discomfort is my body healing.  See, I'd figured that since I wasn't really having pain that I was A-OK. Not true, silly billy.  You are not "recovered" just because you're not in pain.

{about 5am}

And today there was snow, and there was my mother who brought me this sugar- free Tang-like drink that I absolutely love at just the moment when I was like "Shit, I'm thirsty, but don't feel like walking down two flights to get it." And there was my bad little dog who seemed to sense that I had been feeling grumpy and pawed at the door to come sit with me. 

And there is still no pain. And there is still my mother, who is caring so sweetly for me. And there is still my beautiful family who sends their good vibes all the way from Tennessee, and my dear friend from undergrad whose children make me laugh with their interruptions while we talked on the phone today.

And there is season 2 of The Good Wife, which I will watch and not think for one iota of one moment that I should be reading an article on Critical Race Theory instead.

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