Monday, January 23, 2012

2 weeks Post- Op: Damn Drains!

I've been having some serious irritation at the suture that connects my drains to my body, and this weekend (drumroll, please) finally got the go- ahead to have them removed.

(My plastic surgeon required that 2 days pass with 30 ml or fewer fluid collected. I am quite sure that sentence does not make sense, but I'm dumb right now.) 

It will be a relief to be rid of these things tomorrow.

This isn't me (no- really?)-- I'm too tired to photograph myself, sorry-- but here's what they look like:

Yes. Those are coming out of you.

And here's mine with a drain belt I purchased online:

surgical bra and drain belt

You can see the gauze we've placed there to keep the velcro from irritating my skin.  You'd be surprised what can irritate your skin after a surgery: velcro, the air, drinking something cold...

I had a crappy day today. Basically my chest area feels very sensitive to cold-- to the point where it's almost painful. I've also been having some odd, brief shooting pains all day, and I did not sleep well last night. 

I broke down and took a percoset, slept,  and have now had the dummy- brain + slow body all day today. Mom and I went to the grocery store tonight, and you'd have thought I'd run ten miles or something. I did manage to write a couple of pages this morning beforehand, however.

Always a journey.

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