Friday, January 20, 2012

10 Days Post- Op: Annoyances

First let me preface this by saying that I had the BEST team of docs and nurses anyone could ask for. The care has been positively exceptional, and I feel 100% good about all parts related to my surgery.

But I am angry at my body. I know it's silly. But this is my blog.

1. I CAN'T THINK! The mental fuzziness is so, so irksome. I'm off the pain meds but the gray cloud is still there.

2. There is a suture that is pricking me. It is like leaning into a tack several times a day.  I spoke with the nurse Monday when I was at the plastic surgeon's office, the home health nurse, and the nurse from the surgical oncologist's office.  They all said to be patient.  The nurse from the surgical oncologist's office suggested that it could be trimmed down, so I will bring that to the attention to the home health nurse who comes tomorrow. Her previous visit was, um...useless. (Mom- former nurse- said the HHN even inserted the thermometer incorrectly, but didn't want to embarrass her by correcting her.)

3. One word: DRAINS. Ouch and yuck and whenthefuckwillthesecomeout?

4. Physically, I'm so tired. I went to a meeting on campus today that was 2 hours long and haven't been able to do a thing since. Except watch The Good Wife and shop online for clothes that will camouflage the fact that my chest is now concave:

Colorblocking.  Colorblock tee; colorblock cardigan, both on supersale at J.Crew.

Layering. ADAM Lippes leather jacket; Love Divya fur vest.

And a couple of wraps/jackets/ponchos that I have shot before that will prove useful:

Everyone keeps telling me to chill. I KNOW I should be. I am 10 days out from a huge surgery but three months out from a draft of a dissertation (giggle).  I will chill. I will chill. I will chill and be happy about it.

And I will graduate.


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