Wednesday, January 11, 2012

D-Day: Post Op Day 1

Yesterday my mom and I had a lovely girl's day.  We got massages and had brunch, then came home and cooked up a storm.  All of this was followed by a nice deep condition for my hair and a pedicure.  Plus a jaunt with the Naughty Dog.

The call came in the middle of brunch: I was to arrive at the hospital at 11:05.

We got here and after a short wait I was escorted back.  I don't have a ton of energy, but let me say this: I am so, so happy.  I'm in minimal pain (more like discomfort). I was transferred to a private room where Lovebug and Moms are resting.

How does it feel:?  Sore. Exhausting. Groggy. Okay, can't type much else.

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