Monday, January 09, 2012

A Friend In Need: One Day and Counting

It is amazing to me the lengths through which strangers will go to help you through a tough time. It is also amazing how the crowds you expected at your side thin out when the shit hits the fan.  I am learning a lot about my peeps these days...a LOT.  My pops is a prime example.  He's been vociferously questioning this surgery-- to my brothers, no less, and refuses to get gene testing.  (This is a local politician and cancer survivor with a doctorate, people. He should know better.)

{pants- gap; jacket- antrho; blouse- tucker by gaby besora}

On the other hand, last week I had lunch with a woman that I met once.  We connected. She'd had my surgery and came back on the other side healthier and happier for it.

And she's black. Seeing another young African American woman who has done this was the best gift ever.

I feel so blessed to have such angels in my life, and can't help but think that my sister and grandmoms are somewhere watching too.

Today we wait for the call from the hospital telling us what time to arrive tomorrow.  

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