Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Two Weeks and Counting

Until my surgery.

Having a little freak out moment.

You know me...I freak out, I plan. Control what I can.

Post- surgery camisole.  To support and hold drains.  There's also cotton wadding to help me look a bit more stacked until my new boobs are totally inflated.

Pillow. My bestie told me that this is called a "husband" pillow.  It should help with me having to sleep sitting up.

Sippy Cup. Because evidently I won't even have the range of motion to lift a glass.

Slippers. Because tying, buckling, or pulling on boots will suck.

Also suggested are: front close bra (my running bra should do it), button- down tops, a thick  blanket for the hospital, track pants for when I'm leaving...and trashy magazines and TV for times when I'm awake.

For now I have to get out two chapters of the big diss.  It is hard to focus, but my writing group helps a lot.

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