Saturday, December 24, 2011

Alert/ No Alert


Off I went to my primary care physician for BP meds as per my breast surgeon during my pre-op appointment.  

Me: X said to come to you for a review and recommendation for meds.
Dr. S: Your last 5 readings have been fine.  It was only that one that was high. Were you at all anxious at during that appointment? 
Me: Duh.
Dr. S: I wouldn't recommend meds at all for you. In your last 5 readings, all but that one have been in the normal range.  (Looks at chart) You've lost some weight this year.
Me: Yeah. Not enough.
Dr. S: Actually this is about the rate a person should be losing.  Keep doing what you're doing. It will stay off this way.

And you can imagine the weepy dialogue that happened after that.  So I got a flu shot and that was that. 
Keep doing what I'm doing! Yes, ma'am.

{boots- frye; top, vest-anthro;jeans-levis; hat, belt-h&m}

In other news, someone hacked into my Paypal account and made 23 charges the day after I got paid my meager fellowship stipend for the month. You know, two days from Christmas.

So oh, yeah- merry Christmas, everyone!

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