Sunday, December 18, 2011

Getting it Done

I feel horrible for being a crappy blogger. 

Honestly, I am spending so many isolated hours in silence that it is hard not to go crazy.  I am reminding myself that people write dissertations all the time and finish them with their sanity intact. They have families and friends. They rest. And they get done.

"Get done" is doc student code for graduating and entering the real world.  To those looking in, it looks like a breeze: study all day, meet new people, get paid to write stuff that interests you. It is a cycle that looks to some like to perpetual adolescence; we wear jeans and backpacks and go daily to "school." 

{photographic evidence- the writing group}

When I started this blog a year ago, it was to document a love of my favorite store as I worked toward rebuilding a wardrobe.  (The subtext, of course, was that I mostly needed a new wardrobe because I had grown out of my previous one.) In the last 6 years, I'd gained 35 pounds, pushing me close to the obese category. But strangely enough, even at that high weight I had a new feeling of health.  I was eating cleanly. I loved my body.  I still do.

But loving my body has been a double- edged sword.  I've lost 15 pounds this year-- mostly in early months of the year- and I've kept it off.  But I need to love 20 more, and I need to do it now. I need to, with this weight loss, get done

It's going to be a new journey. (So there's going to be some regular posts. Really.)

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