Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Exactly What I Wanted

Yesterday I ate a ceasar salad, which I have been wanting for a very long time.  It always amazes me: when I rule out routine and actually listen to my body, meals are so satisfying. For so long I didn't do this. It makes me sad-- those years wasted either eating whatever or being super- strict.

{cords- jcrew; top, jacket-anthro;shoes-lovely people}

I threw anchovies and chicken breast onto my masterpiece, and some fresh shaved parmesan. Excellent! Eating can be so pleasant. 

I had a decent run this morning in spite of my days off.  The body does not forget.  I looked  a little crazy with my blinking light and jogger's mace, but hey.

I'm not all zen about my sweets debacle a while back...I can see it in my face and arms.  But I'm feeling determined and even. This week I am committing to journaling my foods, running 4 times, strength training 2 times...and listening to my body's wantings.

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